We are racing to catch up with the modern consumer: expanding our product line, and redefining our brand. A ‘reignited’ Gurukrupa is embracing modern channels, Gurukrupa Exports is now Gurukrupa Export Private Limited from 1st, Feb 2024.

logo brand Gurukrupa Export - Diamond Jewellery Manufacturer in India

This change is adapted to renew focus on “recruiting, training, and building a productive sales force” and enhancing our use of technology and social media to help the sales force and business connect while maintaining an appropriate balance of technology with face-to-face contact.

New Name, New Look, But Same Mission!

Embarking on a New Chapter, Embracing the Same Values! We’re thrilled to unveil our refreshed logo, symbolizing innovation, growth, and our unwavering commitment to excellence. While our emblem and company name takes on a new form, our core mission remains unchanged. Join us as we continue to deliver the exceptional services and products you’ve come to know and trust, now with a fresh, modern twist. Our journey evolves, but our dedication to you stays firm. Welcome to the next exciting phase of Gurukrupa Export Private Limited — where tradition meets tomorrow!

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The following steps for Gurukrupa’s enhancements are:


The goal is to transition the company to a powerful brand with a strong identity also paying homage to our history, country, and promise: to serve B2B.

Together, let’s embrace the changes that propel us forward, while holding steadfast to the values that have defined our journey.

logo shine Gurukrupa Export - Diamond Jewellery Manufacturer in India