The year 2022 was an important milestone for Gurukrupa. A one-of-a-kindmanufacturing facility for diamondsin Surat. State of the art machinery and production lines are equipped in the CUBE factory to serve the needs of modern clientele across the globe.

The new factory is part of our ambitious growth plans that involves increase in the production capacity and to also serve customers across various communities and to make a mark globally.

As a leading manufacturer, the new factory will design and manufacture precision components required for jewellery. With utmost focus on quality, creativity and designs with American style Cuban chains, Hip Hop Jewellery, Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings etc.

The new landmark of Surat, CUBE ORNAMENTS, an ultramodern factory in, Gujarat in India, which is and will be known for diamonds and exclusive diamond industry for decades. The team will be working to achieve relevant industry accreditations over the coming years.

Under the leadership of Shri. Narharibhai Kanjibhai, the Cube factory will continue the legacy of expert craftsmen and crafting traditional and trendy designs.

Gurukrupa is confident that years of expertise in designing and manufacturing accessories will help develop both new and existing markets as they become one of the world’s leaders.